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Sensory Information Processing Laboratory

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Sensory Information Processing Laboratory

(Formerly Photo-Optical Information Technology Laboratory)

Department of Media and Image Technology
Tokyo Polytechnic University

1583 Iiyama, Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0297 Japan
Phone +81-46-242-4111 Fax +81-46-242-3000

Revised on March 12, 2019

In Our Laboratory...

In multimedia era, computers easily handle not only numerical/text data but huge amount of image data. Images contain much information, and are useful for our daily communications. In Sensory Information Processing Laboratory(SIPL), we study various key technologies based on image processing to implement easy-to-use computers. These technologies include foot interfaces, user interfaces for the visually impaired, braille-to-print conversion system, qualitative data extraction from medical images, hand-gesture recognition system using optoelectronic sensors, tactile displays, virtual environments and others.


Yuichiro Kume, Ph.D., Professor

Current Research Activities


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